Problems Associated with an Online Dating Website

Using an online dating website is a great way to meet new friends and to enliven your social life. Where else can you find a wide choice of dates than on an online dating website?

There are some problems associated with online dating and you should be sure you are well versed in what those problems might be.

Paying before you get a chance see the offerings on an online dating website

There are online dating website that will ask you to sign up blindly without having a chance to review any of the profiles that are on the site. Other unsavory practices you may encounter on an online dating website is “bait” profiles to attract new, paying members. There are other sites that use a fake profile that often takes the visitors to other services such as multi level marketing plans and scams and sometimes even prostitution rings. Other ways they want you to think they have lots of members is by keeping profiles of people who haven’t logged on in months.

Getting lured to an online dating website by free or “low priced’ trial memberships

Most people who are attracted by these trail offers will not be able to access all the dating service has to offer. You will often not be able to contact any of the other members or even reply to an email that was sent to you. There are online dating website that require you to use a credit card for your trial membership and when the trial period is over they charge your card for the full cost of membership automatically, whether you have shown any activity or not. For people already on the site, they can become confused about whether a person is a fully subscribing member to the online dating website, or just there for the free trial offers.

Complaints regarding billing practices

There have been lots of complaints regarding some of the billing practices that some online dating website used. In many cases, when users cancelled the trial memberships when the trial period was over have found that they were being charged even after they had cancelled. You can combat this practice by inquiring of your credit card company if they have a virtual credit card number you can use just for these purposes. .

Staying Wary

Little white lies are often used on dating services online. It is easy to tell someone you are tall dark and handsome or young, thin and willowy when the person can’t actually see you. The only problem with doing this is that if you expect to meet someone for an actual date in person, the lie will quickly be exposed. Sexual predators also like to troll online dating services. You should always be on guard and never trust what a stranger tells you until you can prove it for yourself.